Shadowlife is calling it quits:

Shadowlife would like to announce that we will be calling it quits after our last Show December 13, 2014 at Wings. This break up is bitter sweet and we had a good run. The band formed in 2006 with former members of Silvertongue & 8 Steps Below (Scott Geisel, Doug Worley, Preston Spraul, Larry Offner, & Doug Hall).  Shadowlife has seen many members come and go but always had the focus of playing for our audience no matter what the lineup. We would like to thank anyone who came out and supported our efforts. We hope that you enjoyed listening to us as much as we enjoyed playing for you. Members of Shadowlife that we would like to thank are:
Justin Jones (current Lead Singer)
James Ramby (current Bass Player)
Mark Bianchi (former Bass Player)
Dave Linder (former Lead Singer)
Nichole Pacifico (former Lead Singer)
Brian Massie (former Bass Player)
We have 2 more shows left and hope that you and former members can come out and celebrate the great times we had together. Shadowlife honestly feels that everyone that ever graced the stage with this band had class, talent, and a love for Rock music.
Next Shows:
Saturday Nov. 22nd @ Sparky’s in West Carrollton…Show starts at 9pm.
Saturday Dec. 13th @ Wings on N. Dixie Dr. Show starts at 9pm.


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